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Campaign Finance


Candidates, Treasurers, and Assistant Treasurers* of Candidate Committees

Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers* of Ballot Measure Committees

Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers* of General Purpose Committees

County Central Committee Candidates

  • Contact the Ethics Commission to set up an appointment.
  • Manuals

Netfile Users Training

Netfile training is for new users or individuals who would like assistance on how to data enter their committee's activities and generate filings for e-filing.

  • Contact the Ethics Commission to set up an appointment

* Only assistant treasurers who sign and verify campaign statements are required by law to attend the applicable mandatory training.


Conflicts of Interest


Elected Officials, Department Heads, and Members of Decision-making Boards and Commissions

After watching this training, you must file the Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and the Certificate of Ethics Training.  (See a full list SEI-related filing obligations.)

Advisory Board and Committee Members

City Employees


If you would like Statement of Incompatible Activities (SIA) Training for your department, board or commission, please contact the Ethics Commission.




New lobbyists must attend Lobbyist Ordinance Training within one year of qualifying as a lobbyist.  You may meet this requirement by watching the web video training provided here.