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Laws & Advice


Federal Law

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Government Codes

The Ethics Commission provides links to unofficial copies of the code on this page for convenience, but you should not rely on it as the City's official published code.  For the official published version of the code, see the following links to the American Legal Publishing Corporation:

Campaign Finance

Conflict of Interest

Complaints & Whistleblowing

Campaign Consultants


Permit Consultants

Public Access

Major Developers


The Ethics Commission provides two kinds of advice: written formal opinions and informal advice. S.F. Charter § C3.699-12. Written formal opinions are available to individuals who request advice about their responsibilities under local law. Formal opinions provide the requester immunity from subsequent enforcement action if the material facts are as stated in the request for advice, and if the District Attorney and City Attorney concur in the advice. See id. Informal advice does not provide similar protection. See id.

Past advice letters are available on-line in the Commission's advice letters archive RSS.